Dr. Harper and SKINSHIFT featured on CBS “The Doctors”.

A Great Opportunity to Start Your Personalized Skin Transformation

Many of the problems that people experience with their skin can be traced to known genetic markers.

For instance, 85% of all people with rosacea share a particular DNA sequence. Our genetic attributes are consistent throughout our lives; they do not change from day to day. By using the latest knowledge about your genetic makeup, you can target skin care products that address your skin's unique needs.

Although you can’t change your genetics, science now has proven you can dramatically change how your genes affect your skin. With SKINSHIFT®, science, not guesswork, provides patients a clear choice as to which skin care products and supplements are just right for them.

Many DNA tests cost well over $500. Dr. Harper has shared the SKINSHIFT® DNA Test Kit with thousands of customers at the cost of $99 to get them started on their path to genetically designed skin care.


Invest now in the future of your skin!


The skin DNA test really got my attention. Dr. Harper's approach to skin care is individualized with each person and their particular challenges. It is not a one size fits all. The skin care and skin that I have received from Dr. Harper has been like receiving a new lease on life for me.
S. D., SKINSHIFT Believer, 62



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