The Science Behind the SKINSHIFT DNA Test

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Although you can’t change your genetics, science now has proven you can dramatically change how your genes affect your skin. With SKINSHIFT®, science, not guesswork, provides patients a clear choice as to which skin care products and supplements are just right for them.

Genetic testing used to be limited to the world of forensic analysis and parental identity, but with the unraveling of the complete human genome in 2003 its applications have been growing. In 2008 the winner of Time Magazineʼs Invention of the Year was not NASAʼs Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter or the Large Hadron Collider particle accelerator. It was a new Personal Genetics test being offered in the United States. It represented the true beginning of a personal genomics era.

Thousands of Patients, Proven Success

The DNA approach to skin care was great because my DNA would create a skin regimen just for me and only ME! I was always buying celebrity or department store skin care trying to find the products that worked for me, buying into the sales pitch. Finally, there was a scientific way of targeting my skin.

I have been using the products and supplements for several months now. I feel good about working on the outside and the inside of my body to get great looking skin. My family, friends and complete strangers in the grocery store tell me how great my skin looks. Those compliments make my day.
C. G., SKINSHIFT Believer, age 58.

Dr. Ruthie Harper was the first to apply the scientific tools from The Human Genome Project to determine specific traits that determine the health and appearance of each person’s skin. Dr. Harper's scientific team identified 16 key genetic markers associated with five key areas of skin health. The SKINSHIFT system is the first skin care line that provides a comprehensive genetic Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP—pronounced “snip”) test to determine the unique characteristics of our skin.

Scientific Research Personalized for Your Skin

Many of the problems that people experience with their skin can be traced to known genetic markers. For instance, 85% of all people with rosacea share a particular DNA sequence. Our genetic attributes are consistent throughout our lives; they do not change from day to day. By using the latest knowledge about your genetic makeup, you can target skin care products that address your skin's unique needs.

For example, an individual with deficient MMP-1 function, a gene responsible for excess collagen breakdown, requires a plan to restore healthy collagen production and avoid excessive break down. Through human studies, as well as the unique benefit of having thousands of patients who have used the SKINSHIFT program, Dr. Harper was able to validate this gene’s correlation with skin conditions, and develop specific formulations to support optimal skin health. The result is the SKINSHIFT program.

Example of a SKINSHIFT DNA test report

The SKINSHIFT report provides a scientific summary of 5 key categories that affect the health and beauty of your skin. They are:

  • Collagen Formation Factor: how well your skin makes and maintains your collagen.
  • Sun Protection Factor: how well your skin is able to protect against the sun and other environmental insults.
  • Antioxidant Protection Factor: how well your internal antioxidant systems work to keep your skin young and healthy.
  • Inflammation Control Factor: how much inflammation is robbing your skin of its health.
  • Glycation Protection Factor: how well your body processes sugar. If sugar is not processed well it will lead to glycation, a process whereby the skin is caramelized from the inside out, leading to aging and degeneration.

SKINSHIFT represents a shift in skin care philosophy where science and personalization are key instead of trial and error. A simple cheek swab gives the patient a roadmap for great skin care and eliminates those endless product purchases that line the shelves under our sink when they do not work. Instead, SKINSHIFT provides a perfect combination of ingredients for creating a healthier, more beautiful version of you.

You can apply this knowledge right now. Order the SKINSHIFT DNA Test Kit and learn how your own DNA can help you decide what skin care is right for you.


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