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Dr. Harper and SKINSHIFT Making News

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Beautiful skin based on your DNA? Austin doctor says yes

Dr. Ruthie Harper will tell you that beautiful skin starts from the inside out, and it's all about your DNA. The Austin internist, who specializes in nutritional medicine and beauty and skin care, has a new line of skin care products that is individualized based on your DNA. Using a cheek swab that can be done by you at home or by the staff in Harper's office at West 39th Street and Medical Parkway, Harper can tell a lot about your skin's natural tendencies.

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Something as wonderful as green tea can be good for your skin!


Skin Shift - How to Keep Your Skin Looking Great - No Matter How Busy Your Schedule Is

Dr. Ruthie Harper is a practicing physician with extraordinary accomplishments in the areas of nutritional medicine, non-surgical aesthetic transformation and genetically based skin care. Her philosophy, “Beauty is created from the inside out,” has led her most recently to formulate and launch a proprietary line of DNA-based skin care products called SKINSHIFT®. She operates from her internationally recognized practice in Austin, Texas, where she has consulted with more than 10,000 patients and offers the latest services and techniques in rejuvenation.

Listen to the entire interview here:

Feed Your Skin: Dr. Harper's Dietary Guide to Complexion

"Your skin is the largest organ in your body; it is a reflection of your health and wellbeing," said Dr. Ruthie Harper, "What is ingested is at times far more important than what is applied topically."

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Better With Age: 5 New and Amazing Anti-Aging Skincare Lines

AOL Shopping listed Five exciting skin care lines, starting with SKINSHIFT.

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Going Meat-Free? Get Iron-Savvy

YouBeauty asked Dr. Harper to advise women, particularly vegetarians, how to maintain healthy levels of iron. Her answers might surprise you.

Best Skincare Products For Moms

Grace Gold offers her top skincare recommendations to get the best (and fastest!) results for moms, including her great results from SKINSHIFT Hyaluronic Moisture Treatment Serum. For mothers, good skin health is a shortcut to beauty. Gold says "Time is such a precious gift when you’re a mom; the last thing you want to do is wile away minutes in front of the mirror, blending layers of makeup or putting a “full face” on. Yet that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice looking polished and put-together when duty calls. The savviest way to cut down on your beauty routine is to take better care of your skin. Good skin means you can get up and go faster, plus a radiant complexion just makes you feel better, too."

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The Favorite Products of Beauty Experts: Ruthie Harper

Christine from 15 Minute Beauty asked Dr. Harper about her personal favorite beauty products.

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DNA-Based Beauty Products: The Future of Skincare?

Nicki Zevola, a dermatological medical student and beauty blogger interviews Dr. Harper about the technical aspects of SKINSHIFT at Divine Caroline:


Glam Media's interviewed Dr. Harper and gleaned juicy tidbits about skin care for women of all ages.


The saucy blog Spoiled Little LA Girls tried out SKINSHIFT® and reported their experiences:


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