SkinShift DNA Test Kit

Freguently Asked Questions

SKINSHIFT® products are paraben free, cruelty free with no animal testing and void of harmful harsh chemicals. Fragrance is created through botanicals. Rest assured SKINSHIFT has been formulated with the finest ingredients for your skin’s health, beauty and wellness.


1.  Can I use multiple SKINSHIFT products at the same time?

Yes! Dr. Harper formulated each product to have superior performance independently and when used in tandem with other SKINSHIFT products, we believe total beauty transformation can occur! For your convenience, Dr. Harper has also listed the products that created the stunning Before & After results in that section of our website. They are listed in order of “how to apply them” where you can see first hand, how SKINSHIFT helped other patients!

2.  How can I have Dr. Harper evaluate my skin?

Either by purchasing and completing our Genetic Test Kit where the results are reviewed by either Dr. Harper or one of her trained staff. Dr. Harper also maintains her practice in Austin, Texas. There is a convenient button on our website that will instantly connect you to the practice to request an appointment time or you can call the office directly through the SKINSHIFT number: 1-800-DNA-SKIN or 1-800 362-7546.

3.  How can I carry SKINSHIFT products in my medi-spa, store or practice?

Simply complete the wholesale inquiry form. Someone on our marketing team will reach out to you to discuss.

4.  I have a specific problem I would like to discuss with Dr. Harper. Is that possible?

Yes! You can e-mail your question through our contact page. Either Dr. Harper or one of her trained associates will do their best to answer your question in a timely manner. Please note, for any medically related question, an in person appointment will be necessary and can be obtained by contacting the practice.


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