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Dr. Harper Introduced Her
Revolutionary SKINSHIFT Program This
Year, and Now the World is Watching!

Dr Ruthie Harper has been nationally recognized for her contribution to the science of health and beauty by award winning international television shows like "Good Morning America" and "The Doctors". Dr. Harper is featured on Good Morning America discussing SKINSHIFT, her latest breakthrough in personalized skincare based on your DNA. Today, thousands of patients have experienced the transformative benefits of the SKINSHIFT skin care program.


Receive your
personalized DNA
report identifying
unique skin care
products just for you.


Use your DNA test results to
confidently order your custom
serums and supplements, then,
see the results!

Ruthie Harper, MD developed the SKINSHIFT program to take the guesswork out of skin care, SKINSHIFT uses your genetic profile to identify a personalized strategy to achieve beautiful, healthy skin. For the first time ever, SKINSHIFT uses a revolutionary DNA analysis to identify your skin's genetic strengths and weaknesses. Using this genetic blueprint, we create a customized skin care program designed just for you.

A national leader in aesthetic medicine and a hands-on clinician, Dr. Harper originally created SKINSHIFT for the patients in her clinic. Today, thousands of patients have experienced the transformative benefits of this scientifically based program. See our BEFORE & AFTER results >>

I have spent literally tens of thousands of dollars on skin products, and they all end up doing very little for me. With SKINSHIFT, I finally learned that my collagen breaks down easily and that I am very sensitive to the sun even though I have a dark complexion. Two months after I started my custom SKINSHIFT program, my results are amazing. My skin looks so good, youthful, blemish free with even color, no redness and no more fine lines. M. S., 42 years old, SKINSHIFT Believer since 2009
Using the SKINSHIFT DNA test kit was simple. I rubbed the SKINSHIFT swab along the inside of my cheek and mailed it in. In less than 2 weeks, I had my custom DNA Report. I found out that I am prone to skin sensitivity. I’ve used the SKINSHIFT products that focus on these issues for three months, and I now look like I’ve walked out of a spa every morning when I leave my house. C. W., age 53, SKINSHIFT Believer
Dr. Harper has performed miracles for me by determining the underlying cause of my issues with weight gain and hormonal imbalances and has helped me to resolve these. Because I experienced such positive results with Dr. Harper and the help of her wonderful and caring staff, I furthered my self-care by having Dr. Harper test my DNA in order to prescribe a daily skin care regimen tailored specifically for me based on my genetic test results. I must say, my skin has never been in such good shape and I look years younger. I am extremely happy with the results I have achieved being a patient of Dr. Harper. I find Dr. Harper to be a brilliant physician and a caring and approachable person. I highly recommend both her and her staff and plan to continue in her care. CT, SKINSHIFT Believer, age 52
I first came in contact with Dr. Ruthie Harper and her staff after reading the article in the Austin American Statesman’s about DNA testing and the SKINSHIFT products and supplements. The DNA approach to skin care was great because my DNA would create a skin care regimen just for ME and only ME! I was always buying celebrity or department store skin care products trying to find the products that would work for me. I felt in the end that I was just buying into their sales pitch. I contacted the office and met with Christina, the Director of Clinical Studies to get started. Finally, there was a scientific way of targeting my skin care needs.

I have been using the products and supplements for several months now. I feel good about working on the outside as well as the inside of my body to get great looking skin. My family, friends and complete strangers in the grocery store tell me how great my skin looks. Those compliments make my day. Dr. Harper is an amazing practitioner and Christina is so knowledgeable about all the treatments and products! CG, SKINSHIFT Believer, age 58
I consulted with Dr. Harper about skin care, which is a personal passion of mine that was passed down from my mother. My mother followed and practiced the teachings of a very famous skin care specialist years ago who promoted the use of natural and safe chemical free skin care products. The SKINSHIFT DNA test really got my attention. Dr. Harper’s approach to skin care is individualized for each person and their particular challenges. It is not a one size fits all. She is interested in how your skin is doing after a particular procedure and truly works and rejoices with you in your transformation. The skin care program and beautiful changes in my skin that I have received from Dr. Harper and the SKINSHIFT program has been like receiving a new lease on life for me.

Dr. Harper’s approach to treating causes rather than symptoms in both weight management and skin care really resonated with me. It is also obvious by interacting with her and her striking appearance that she, too, follows what she recommends to those who seek her help and guidance. S.E., SKINSHIFT Believer, age 62
What I liked most about SKINSHIFT was the fact that nutrition and skin care are one—it includes an inside out approach with skin care supplements as well as an outside in approach with great skincare. After using the SKINSHIFT product line, my skin looks and feels like silk. With my customized serums I’m seeing reduced wrinkles and fine lines, especially around my mouth, which was my biggest area of concern. I look so much better, so much younger, and I’m actually getting compliments on my skin on a regular basis! Thank you SKINSHIFT! M.S. Age 62, SKINSHIFT Believer
I had acne that I unfortunately inherited from my mom. I started a simple SKINSHIFT program and it has cleared up my skin significantly. I love how simple and easy it is. DK age 16